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Starting College in September 2022?

You can find most of the information you need to know about starting at CWA in September in the various sections below. 

We're really pleased that you are joining CWA in September and we hope you are looking forward to starting (or returning!) to college. This page on our website includes everything to help you prepare for joining CWA. Please note that most of the information on this page is only relevant for full-time or part-time qualifications. If you are starting an apprenticeship, you should ask your apprenticeship advisor for further details on the start of your course.

Your starting college checklist!

We know starting college is quite a big step and we've put together a checklist of things which you need to do and when by. The dates are to give you a guide of what should take priority.

  • See your checklist

     What to do  When
    Check you can access the student portal with your username and password. Watch our YouTube tutorial here! ASAP
    Check and update your contact details and share progress with your parent / guardians ASAP
    Complete step 1, 2 & 3 of your enrolment on the student portal (and step 4, if you are 17+) By 29th July
    Check your start date and induction information By 29th July
    Apply for financial support (if your household income is less than £35,000 per annum) By 29th July
    Complete our transport calculator and find the cheapest way to get into college, making an application if required By 29th July
    Review kit and equipment requirements and buy anything you need! By 29th July
    ADULT STUDENTS - Review your course fees using our fee calculator  By 29th July
    ADULT STUDENTS - Start your application for the Advanced Learner Loan (if applicable) By 29th July
    Apply for a parking permit (if you are planning to drive to college) By 5th August
    Book your slot to collect your ID card and lanyard in the summer (details to come) By 19th August
    Let us know if you know of any dates which you are expecting to be absent (e.g. hospital appointment) during term time By 19th August
    Upload a photo of your grades to the enrolment section of the student portal 25th August - 28th August
    Come into the college to collect your ID card and lanyard 30th August - 2nd Sept
    Double check your induction information (e.g. what days) hasn't changed 30th August - 2nd Sept
    Start your course! From 5th Sept

Everything you need to know

  • Timetable and induction details

    We'll be updating this page in July to include details on your first day, induction and course timetables (where available). We may not be able to provide full timetables because some courses are split into smaller groups; these groups are generally not confirmed until your induction week. We'll send you a text and email once details are available for your course.

  • Completing your enrolment

    We'll contact you in July to start your enrolment on our student portal. You'll be asked to check your personal details, upload a photo of yourself, upload a photo of your grade sheet (once received) and confirm what course you'd like to do if you've applied for more than one. It's really important that you complete this as soon as it's available. 

    What happens in the summer? 

    Our enrolment team will have a look at your grades and confirm whether you meet the entry requirements for your chosen programme. If you meet the criteria, we'll complete your enrolment and will contact you with confirmation and further details on when you will be able to collect your ID card and lanyard.

    We'll contact you if you don't quite meet the entry requirements for your course as, in most instances, we'll be able to offer you an alternative programme (e.g. a lower level). Please don't worry if you haven't met the entry requirements - please just upload your grades as requested and we'll contact you to discuss your options.

    When will I get my ID card and lanyard?

    You'll be able to come to college between Tuesday 30th August - Friday 2nd September to collect your ID card and lanyard. We'll contact you with further details on this shortly.

  • Worried about your GCSE results?

    Even if you don't quite get the grades you need for your course, we will work with you to find a course which suits you - it could be a lower level which will allow you to progress in the future or a different area all together. There's no need to call us when you receive your grades, just upload your grade sheet through the student portal and we'll give you a call to discuss your options.

    If you achieve a 1 - 3 in English and / or maths, you will continue to study the subjects with us at CWA. If you get a grade 3, you'll be retaking your GCSE with us. If you get a grade 1 or 2, you'll complete a short assessment during enrolment so that we can see what level you're working towards to help put you on the best English and / or maths course for you. Even though you might have to continue English and / or maths at college, it doesn't mean that it's like school! You can find more details about why English and maths is so important for college and your future career here.

  • Uniform and equipment for your course

    For some of our courses, it is necessary to purchase equipment / stationery, protective clothing or industry standard kit to complete your course. You can find all of our kit and equipment lists and details on how to order on the following page:


  • Financial support

    If your household income is less than £35,000 per annum or you are in care or a care leaver, you will likely be eligible for our financial support scheme which will provide a contribution towards costs associated with college (e.g., travelling to college, equipment, work-placement, free meals (if eligible)). If eligible, it really is important you complete an application as soon as possible to help ensure that we've arranged your travel and ordered your equipment ahead of the start of the course. Further details on what you might receive and how to complete your application can be found on the following page:


  • Travelling to college

    It's easy to get to and from college, as all of our campuses are well-serviced by local bus services and the King's Lynn campus being a short walk from the train station. 

    The college works in conjuction with local county councils and providers to operate various bus routes to and from each campus to cater for our full-time students. We've created a transport calculator to help you find the most suitable and cheapest route into college. If you are travelling into college, it's important that you complete our transport calculator first. 


    Please note that, whilst the transport calculator is correct at the time of writing, information and applications for transport may change with new guidance from the government or individual transport organisations. If you are purchasing a travel pass, you should apply directly to your local county council or the provider (depending on what is available / cheapest on our transport calculator). Transport applications generally open in June each year. 

    If your household income is below £35,000 per annum, you will be eligible for our financial support scheme. If eligible, we will provide at least a contribuition towards travelling to college but, in most instances for those aged 16 - 18, we will be able to purchase a subsidised bus pass for you. If you are eligible for financial support and live in Norfolk or Cambridgeshire, please do not apply for transport with your local county council (unless we ask you to do so) as we may purchase a bus pass directly with the provider.

    If you live in the Fenland area, you may be eligible for our CWA Travel Subsidy, which will leave you with a maximum of £100 to pay for a bus into college! You can find more details here.

    The college has limited parking on all four of our campuses. Parking is by permit only; To apply for a parking permit please fill in this form.

  • Course fees for adults

    If you are aged 19 and over, there may be some fees to pay for your course. Depending on your education history, personal circumstances and chosen course, you may be able to receive your course fully funded (or partially funded) by the UK government. Our fee calculator below will give you a clear indication on whether you'll be able to have your course fee waived or, if you are studying a level 3 course, covered by an Advanced Learner Loan.


    Once you've completed your enrolment steps on the student portal, our enrolment team will complete a full assessment of your fee status and will complete your enrolment if you are eligible to be fully funded. If you are not eligible to receive your course fully funded, you may have course fees to pay. You are able to pay your course fee in installments with a third of the course fee being due at enrolment. If your course costs over £1,500, you are able to pay your course in three termly installments. Otherwise, you will be expected to pay the full fee within the first three months in equal installments. Our enrolment team will call you to arrange payment before the start of your course.

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