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I am a multi-skilled food and drink maintenance engineer with Princes Ltd.

My apprenticeship involved studying at college and being in the working environment, gaining experience. At college, we would study different units such as welding, machining and electrical. At work I am part of an engineering team who perform maintenance on the machines and attend breakdowns.

In my first year of college, I did block release, so I attended for a few months, and then I was work based for the rest of the year. The following 2 years I attended college a few days each week and was work based for the other days, which allowed for a balance, helping me put my theoretical knowledge into practice in the workplace and build my confidence.

The reason I chose to study an apprenticeship is because I had previously studied a  full-time college course and found that employers were looking for applicants with working backgrounds/experience, which I did not have. However, with an apprenticeship, it is ok if you don’t have experience, since you are getting the training that you need while studying the apprenticeship. You could come straight from school with no background of the sector.

What I enjoyed most about the college was learning the different units and acquiring new skills. I also really enjoyed meeting people from different backgrounds and factories and seeing how diverse the industry is.

Now I have finished my apprenticeship and have been offered a job at the factory. I hope to gain more experience in my chosen career path.

If you are thinking about studying an apprenticeship at CWA and it is in a career that you are passionate and enthusiastic about, I would strongly recommend it.. It’s a good way to get into a job as the employer gets to see how you work.

After coming to the end of my 4 year apprenticeship and successfully completing it I feel a sense of relief and accomplishment. The best thing about it is I got a secure job in something I really enjoy.

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