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Customer Service and Selling Skills - Workshop

Available topics for your bespoke programme can include:

Communication skills:

  • Developing existing skills identifying varied communication methods appropriate to a situation.
  • Barriers to communication will be explored, as well as the importance of identifying the need of the customer.
  • Using communication as an effective tool for building customer relationships by recognising and identifying the Transactional Analysis theory in our communication.
  • The importance of assertiveness so to meet the needs of the customer and the organisation.


  • Recognising and maximising each sales opportunity by using the seven stage selling cycle and exploring each stage to identify improvement in own roles.
  • Exploring how to sell more, in less time: assertive selling!

Managing difficult customers:

  • The stages of handling a difficult customer and how to use these strategies effectively
  • Conflict management
  • How to change a negative situation to a positive and retain a loyal customer

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Travel agents


Potential Salary

Travel agency managers and proprietors


Potential Salary

Management consultants and business analysts


Potential Salary

This course can start anytime during the year at a time to suit yourself and your employer.



Duration The duration would depend upon the needs of the employer.


Jessica Ding

Business and Administration Apprenticeship

Jess has demonstrated a mature and professional approach to her working life and her apprenticeship. Jess has impressed colleagues with her outstanding communication skills especially during their first meeting. Jess shows focus, the ability to time manage and a keen eye on her planned personal development.

Jess found a flair for training and presenting which led her into becoming a key member of the training team, regularly delivering great quality on the mandatory Hazard Awareness Courses. Jess contributed to her Diploma when attending the CWA workshops and showed great interest as she took part in group and individual exercises as well as contributing to all topics.

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